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Key Tech Trend Of 2014 "Wearable Devices"

                        Wearables are now a huge trend.The focus in the current wearable market is clearly on wrist-mounted devices, whether they are smart watches, fitness bands, or a combination of the two. The future of wearables isn't limited entirely to our wrists however. There are plenty more places on your person that manufacturers are keen to exploit with their latest piece of desirable tech.

Look into the future and you'll see through contact lenses with heads-up displays that replicate Google's Glass, but without the need to wear a faintly awkward headset. Its complimentary camera will be a wearable clip that can attach to your clothes as inconspicuously as a tie-clip.When this point of almost invisible wearable tech is reached, the sector will explode as smartphones did, post-iPhone.Beyond the current early wearable sensors and glasses, there's scope for manufacturers to collect a whole host of data on the device's owner, which will no doubt allow advertisers to make their marketing efforts even more bespoke, as well as providing a huge number of never previously revealed human statistics.

Tech-woven clothes:

When clothing is able to monitor the local environment and wireless networks, they'll present an incredible opportunity, not just for the health-wise and sporty, but for retailers as well.
Our clothes, however, are fair game for a wearable revolution. As printed circuits and chips get smaller, the time is ripe for techy clothing to expand beyond capacitive gloves or headphone-hats.

Back in 2008, TechRadar reported on miniature mechanical power plants being developed by the Georgia Institute of Technology. These electricity-generating wires create a charge when stretched and released, and if woven into a pair of trousers, could generate enough electricity to charge wearable sensors or even a smartphone.

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