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Simple Steps To Clear your RAM memory

                     As you all know computer became a part of everyone’s life and we really addicted to our day today activities. so we need to keep our System cleaner to work properly and faster. Many of us are facing the problem of slowing down our computer even we have high RAM memory, and we go for formatting. 
                     In case  if the computer is affected with the viruses, then we need to go for formatting. But this is not only the reason to slow down your computer. You must also take care of utilization of RAM memory, so here are  the simple steps to clear  RAM memory using Notepad.  

  • Open Notepad [ Run->type notepad->press Enter )
  • Type in the note pad this FreeMem=Space(type your RAM capacity here)
  • Ex :  FreeMem=Space(10240000000) for 1GB RAM
  • Save this with format (filename .vbs) 
            Ex:  xyz.vbs . 

  • Save it on the desktop 
  • And  Run executing file.
Now RAM memory will be cleared. And  your computer will  be working fast
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