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Most of the metropolitan city are well known for traffic jams. If you are stuck in traffic, then all emergency related work gets delayed. We cant even expect some situation that becomes  terrible in real life to reach our destination .

how this ideas knocks in their brain. ??? to overcome traffic.

Following  pictures and videos shows that how it can be controlled with brilliant "Transit Elevated Bus (TEB)" .

  •  I think future public transport gets improved with  Elevated Buses.
  •  Environment  pollution will be completely controlled. 
  • Without disturbing space occupied by vehicles(Car, bike ...etc)  on the road. TEB moves easily and this will have control over the traffic.
It is the only a concept for the moment. And working mini model was recently presented at the 19th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo. The bus will be able to carry up to approximately  1200 passengers and will take them to work and back by literally driving over the traffic.

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