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# Indiblogger meet and "Automatic paintaing Tools by #BergerXP"

 I was part of the Indiblogger event sponsored by Berger. It was a brilliant meetup and informative in a different kind of way.

The reason i got interested is automatic painting  tools. When you are planning to paint your home within short period of time, you may need some different painting tools. So Berger express painting tools has these features. The indi meet begins and gave few usefull information.

Innovation: Since 10-15 years, the motto of Berger Paints is “Innovation”. They have been working on new ideas, taking new risks that no other company thinks about. Berger paints ranks second among the top paint companies.
These are the following Painting tools information about BergerXP.

Express Painting:
Upgraded painting process: As per market research the process of painting for consumer was time-consuming  which came with its share of health hazard. Berger Paints came up with the Express Painting service.
No mess tool: Express Painting is an advanced and modern process complimenting the needs of today’s home. It has high-speed tools that helps us to get sparkling results. These tools are high-speed automatic machines that help in completing the entire home painting job in almost half the time, in a dust-free manner, to ensure comfort and convenience of the customer.
Aim- Faster, Cleaner and Better experience for consumers: The mechanized tools used by the painters ensure that the painting job is 40-50% faster than the manual method. The mechanized Sanders with inbuilt vacuum suction reduces the dust generated during the sanding process which inturn helps us to get cleaner results. The mechanized tools helps in better surface preparation resulting in better finish.
End to end painting solution: The executive and the painters help you to provide end to end solution. You have any doubt at any time, the executive and the painters are always there to answer it. From budget, to color and design, they help you from scratch and provide you the best options available in the market.
Trained painters: Express Painting was launched in 2015. Since then, 15000 painters have got trained to give the best services.
No extra cost: The plus point is you get all the above mentioned benefits and more at no additional cost! Good news right? SMS XP to 56767 and get more details if you are thinking to paint your home or visit Berger Paints India Limited  for more information.

After attending this event,  winning runner up prize for own creativity in painting makes even more special.

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  6. Attending the Indiblogger event sponsored by Berger was truly enlightening, especially with their focus on innovation, like the BergerXP automatic painting tools. Their commitment to revolutionizing the painting process is evident, offering speed, cleanliness, and quality results. The end-to-end painting solution and trained painters ensure a hassle-free experience. Plus, no extra cost? hire local house painter


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