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New Mac Pros Spotted At Apple Store In The UK

Apple is expected to launch their new Mac Pro computers later this month, although they have not given us a specific release date yet, and given that we’re a little more than halfway through December, we’re sure some customers are starting to get a little worried. Well fret not because thanks to a photo taken in the Apple store in Bromley, UK, it seems that the Mac Pros have started to arrive in stores and are being put on display. The original tweet of the photo has since been taken down, but not before the rest of the world has managed to get their hands on the photo and saved it. According to the person who tweeted the image, they claim that the Bromley store in the UK has only received 3 units so far, but more are expected later this week. Given the price of the Mac Pro and how it is targeted towards working professionals rather than the average Joe, we doubt the Mac Pro will be flying off the shelves unlike Apple’s other products, such as the iPhone and iPad.  The Mac Pro’s imminent launch has been speculated with Apple’s business team reaching out to enterprises and providing quotes, not to mention the listing of a 4K display which would also seem to signify the computer’s upcoming launch.
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