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Security to your Mobiles via Eye (Retina Scanner) by Samsung

             In future, if you want lock your mobiles retina scanner will grant the access. You may need to scan the Eye(Retina). Samsung is introducing retina Scanner for Mobile devices. So far it hasn't done that, though it did as a fingerprint scanner. So Android Samsung Galaxy Note -4 unveil this new feature.

                    Theoretically a retina scanner would be major improvement for mobile devices security. As has been demonstrates multiple time, it is not exactly that to fool a fingerprint sensor, a widely known method works with both iphone 5s and Android  Galaxy s5.  A retina scanner would not grant access unless the device owner scan his or her Retina.

           In a Tweet of the Official @SamsungExynos Account posted an Image of a smartphone with focus on user's Eye. The accompanying caption reads "Security can be improved" using features i.e Unique to us.

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