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Youth generation is going to use the thinnest Smartphone in the world?

Smartphone technology is improving  our daily needs in every business sector. It seems that tech companies care more about the science that goes into the phone rather than the suitability to the consumer. An ultra thin Smartphone is certainly a great piece of computer engineering, but in the real world it is too delicate to be used on a regular basis by people.

Smartphone technology is improving all the time in both its specifications and design. One of the most popular changing features of Smartphones is their thinness. It just seems that Smarpthones keep getting thinner with each new model that gets released. The thinnest Smartphone that you can buy as of right now is the Oppo R5. It is 4.85 mm thick, which is about 2 mm thinner than the iPhone 6. It is also a little bit cheaper with a retail price tag of $445. For that you get beautiful picture quality and a polished design that stands out just as much as the more expensive iPhones. In fact, some early testers of the Oppo R5 liked it even more than the iPhone 6.

What consumers really have to ask themselves is, “Does a thin Smartphone mean that it is better?” The thinness level of a phone does nothing to enhance its ability to perform. All it does is make it more delicate to the user. This means if they drop the phone or simply stuff it in their back pocket, the phone is liable to break very easily.
 When the iPhone 6 was first released, many users complained the phone actually bent in their back pockets because it was so thin. Therefore, is the Oppo R5 going to have the same problem? Will it be worth spending $445 on a device that has a high chance of breaking?
The Oppo R5 is a great phone to look at, but if you are going to take it with you to a lot of different places then you should keep the phone in its hard case. Only take the phone out when you want to use it and then after you are done, put the phone back in its case. Some people might not want to go through all this trouble because it is more convenient to just stuff it in their pockets. Plus, the Oppo R5 does not have a traditional headphone jack. You are forced to use the headphones that come with the device because they are compatible with the micro USB port on the phone. This creates another drawback that will probably turn people away.

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