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One -Three- Eight ("138" )

Once i was returning from hometown to Bangalore with my close friends. Train has arrived on time, peoples were rushing very fast to occupy their reserved seat. Even though the did not book the reservation ticket they just simply enjoy journey in the sleeper coach with general ticket....!!! 

Anyway they might have urgent work it seems.

Suddenly on our reserved seat, a mother who gave birth to new child its just 2 days before. And they were travelling to Bangalore its almost 10-12hrs journey to reach their destiny. Just imagine its only two days infant(baby).Being neighbors and we have given our reserved seat to them,

After 2 hrs of  our journey, then suddenly baby started crying. Even its continuously for more than  one hours, its because of  fever. They were very poor, so couldn't arrange their primary things to new born baby also.

Immediately they decided to get down in the next railway station, its a small town @ mid night 12.30am. In such a mid night you can't even expect a transportation facility in any  town.

 so we refused to get down @ that railway station.

Along with my friends, we started the searching emergency contact number for Railway using INTERNET. Then immediately we found   "138 toll free number".  We were 3 friends, including me. Several times we tried, but network was not available.

Then suddenly from one number, its connected we started explaining the debatable situation of new baby and mother  to "IRCTC medical emergency team".After listening this immediately they cut the call. Its like Prank call form us. 

Again we called 2- 3 times response was very poor. Once we started blaming to IRCTC  team that this kind of service you are providing to passengers, what is the purpose keeping the medical emergency in Train. 

Then started to listening to us. By that time enquired  all the details including my friends. Its was like formal investigation to attend the medical emergency @ our sleeper coach  and seat.

At last mid night 2AM finally medical team arrived next railway station. They started treatment and finally the mother and baby felt relaxed breath, even we too being immediate neighbors.  

At the end, there were many good complements and blessings from all...!!!. 

We ignited our fight at mid night 
and sustained it for 12.30am TO 2.30AM

And i hope with that fight, "A bright light of 'new life' illuminated to new baby and mother succesfully".

It was monday morning as usual for us and we have to rush to  our office on time. 
And we can say upcoming latest technology (Mobiles and Internet)really is helping to people on its own way, without that its impossible to contact medical emergency in such a late night situation.

Thanks to IRCTC services for helping them....:-)....!!!!


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