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Body Suit Turns You Into Superman

Ever wondered how it would feel like if you were a whole lot stronger than you are now? You know, the macho images of a buffed up beefcake who charms the ladies with his smooth words as well as tanned and well sculpted body. Well, one need not be born with mutant powers in order to be endowed with superhuman strength, but rather, to rely on technology in order to get the job done. Exoskeletons are not new in the realm of science, and even folks in Japan are able to rent one if they would like to. However, how about those of us in the West? Check out this body suit that you see above, which has been touted to enable you to lift 50kg in each hand without breaking a sweat (or tearing a muscle or tendon in the process).
Thanks to engineers in Italy, they have come up with a wearable robot which has been touted by the engineering team to be the most sophisticated built in the world to date, although I am quite sure that there will be disputes to that. Dubbed the “body extender”, it has been built by the Perceptual Robotics Laboratory (Percro) at Pisa’s Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. The practical usage of this body extender would be to have it work in factories, as well as perform humanitarian aid by clearing debris and rescuing survivors in earthquake zones
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