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Microsoft Not Fazed By PlayStation 4′s Lead Over The Xbox One

By all accounts it would seem as though Sony’s PlayStation 4 is currently doing a much better job at selling units compared to the Microsoft Xbox One. We’re not just talking about one market though: in the UK it was reported that the PS4 was leading the way along with Australia where the PS4 was outselling the Xbox One.
In fact last we checked, the Sony PlayStation 4 managed to sell over 6 million units to date, while the Xbox One managed around 3 million units, although this is based on figures from January. Basically for now, it looks like the PS4 is trumping the Xbox One (although recent reports suggest that the Xbox One could be closing in), but at the same time Microsoft does not appear to be too fazed by it.
Speaking to the folks at GamesBeat, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Europe, Phil Harrison, seemed to be pretty chipper about the entire thing and does not appear to be showing any sign of panic (although being in his position, showing any sign of panic or distress would probably not go down well with investors).
When asked to comment on how Sony was leading the way in console sales at the moment, Harrison was quoted as saying, “We’re 120 days into our platform lifecycle. You know better than anyone that this is a marathon, not a sprint. We’re happy with our plan. We’re happy with the performances of our key franchises and key partnerships, most notably Titanfall in the last couple of weeks. You can see independent surveys and studies showing our sell-through doubling in the U.K. as far as hardware.”
Harrison cites Titanfall as being one of their successes, claiming that the game is “blowing the doors off, literally and figuratively.” In fact it seems that Titanfall helped to contribute to Xbox One sales in the UK by nearly doubling the amount of console sold.
We have to agree that this is indeed a marathon and not a sprint. After all these consoles are expected to stick around for at least the next five, if not ten years, so initial sales figures might not necessarily be an indication of what’s to come. Harrison later adds, “We have a fantastic lineup we’ll reveal more of at E3 and beyond. We have a lot of great surprises to come.”
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