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Microsoft Removes 6 Fake Google Apps From Windows Phone Store

At the end of last week, we brought you word that half a dozen fake Google apps had arrived on theWindows Phone Store, which certainly brought about a fair amount of attention to those who have an interest in this particular subject matter. What was Microsoft going to do about the situation? Why, the answer is pretty simple – Microsoft decided to remove the six fake Google apps from the Windows Phone Store, where those questionable apps included “Hangouts,” “Google Voice,” “Google Search,” “Google+,” “Google Maps,” and “Gmail – email from Google.”
Apparently, all of these apps were published by a “Google, Inc” (which should have raised red flags for the detail oriented people as it did not use “Google Inc.” instead, sporting a price tag of $1.99 each. Right now, the sole app that Google has made available for the Windows Phone platform would be its search app, with it being published by “Google Inc.”
It should be taken into consideration that such apps should not have been allowed to pass in the first pace, as Windows Phone developers have been informed in the developer agreements and policies that Microsoft strictly does not allow the infringement of intellectual property of others. I guess such warnings were not taken too seriously at all. One thing’s for sure, Microsoft’s app approval process would need some looking into to prevent such an event from happening again
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