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Developers And Device Makers Can Jump In Now

Google also wants the watch to act as a bio-sensor that monitors your health. Android Wear is designed to communicate with your favorite fitness apps (some work will be required from the app developers). Whether a sensor is integrated to the watch or not will be probably decided by the manufacturer.

At the moment Android Wear is at the Developer Preview stage, so app developers and device makers can contact Google to have an early access. In theory, Android wear is mostly about having existing Android apps talking to a thin Android Wear counterpart, so the work should be incremental for most developers.
Google has revealed an official list of hardware partners that are already working on devices, here it is: Samsung, LG, Motorola, ASUS, Fossil and HTC. Broadcom, Qualcomm and Intel are among the chipmakers supporting the initiative. The smartwatch arms race has just reached a new level, and I’m fairly sure that products will appear this fall
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