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Dell Backs The Alliance For Wireless Power

             It seems that the world is enamored with the world of wireless connectivity, especially when it comes to being mobile. Wireless connectivity has proven to be one “feature” in places such as hotels as well as restaurants and cafes that are a guaranteed crowd puller, but what is the next step of wireless connectivity that one is able to take? Why, wireless charging, of course. This is not new, of course, as we have seen some examples in the past, but it might just catch on with the rest in due time if the technology becomes highly affordable. Computer manufacturer Dell has jumped aboard the wireless charging group, as they are the first computer manufacturer to support The Alliance for Wireless Power.

            The Alliance for Wireless Power does look forward to the day when there is a standard for the wireless charging of devices which require anywhere from 20 to 50 watts of power, and this would obviously include targets such as notebooks. The idea behind it is known as Rezence, where it will rely on magnetic resonance in order to charge multiple laptops as well as other devices simultaneously, sans wires of ocourse. Such a specific standard for wireless charging would mean that any device can be juiced up as long as wireless charging is available.

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