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iPod Ad Impressions Are Actually Higher Than BlackBerry And Windows Phone Devices

Given how much we rely on our mobile devices, it isn’t all that surprising that companies like Apple and Google are looking at mobile advertising as a means to generate more revenue through platforms such as iAds and AdMob respectively. That being said in a recent report by Opera Mediaworks (via Forbes), it has been found that Apple’s iPod touch is actually generating more ad traffic compared to Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Symbian combined!
Then again this isn’t all that surprising. After all the iPod lineup is one of the products that Apple is known for, not to mention recent reports of Windows Phone and BlackBerry’s market share has shown just how little of the market they actually control, which is why it isn’t that surprising that they aren’t doing too well on the ad traffic front.
The report also goes on to state that for the first time, Android has managed to pass iOS in terms of mobile ad impressions. Google’s platform, according to the numbers, managed to nab 42.8% of mobile ad impressions versus iOS’ 38.2%. It was suggested that this is because of Android’s “better” handsets and higher-quality ads. However the report notes that while mobile ad impressions are higher, iOS actually generates a higher revenue compared to Android.
When broken down even further, Samsung is leading the Android pack with 60.22% of the total ad impressions. This followed by “others” at 17.02%, LG at 11.11%, Motorola at 5.73%, HTC at 3.32%, and ZTE at 2.59%. We’re not sure what companies like Microsoft and BlackBerry can do in order to generate more mobile ad impressions, but perhaps a larger market share could help.
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