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Rumor for iPhone 6 Solar Charging Capability

Apple isn’t expected to unveil next generation iPhones prior to September 2014, even if there might be rumors circulating that an “iPhone Phablet” might be released in May. There is much talk about the changes that iPhone 6 is expected to bring, we can surely expect a faster processor, better camera, and other items that are generally refreshed each year. A major change might be on the cards though, like the iPhone 5s brought Touch ID fingerprint scanner, a new rumor hints towards iPhone 6 solar charging capability.
Matt Margolis, analyst at Seeking Alpha, claims to have found evidence that the sapphire glass panels which Apple is going to use in iPhone 6 will incorporate solar panels, which will let users harness the sun’s energy to charge their smartphone’s battery. He also believes that Apple will use the same display technology in the 2014 iPod touch as well, though it remains to be seen if that product comes out, Apple’s recent quarterly recents showed an over 50 percent decline in the iPod lineup’s year-over-year sales. Apple already has a large number of patents related to the use of solar power for charging batteries, just recently we saw a patent being awarded to the company for solar powered MacBooks. A recent rumor claimed that Foxconn had already produced 100 prototype units of the next generation iPhone covered with sapphire glass instead of the usual Gorilla Glass. The evidence, so to speak, hinting towards a solar powered iPhone is circumstantial at best right now. It is certainly too soon to say that solar charging capability will make its way into the next iPhone.
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