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Vibrating Glove Allows to teach Braille

Learning Braille is definitely not easy at all, especially for someone who has not yet lost his or her sight, and for those who have lost their eyesight and want to pick up Braille, it can be quite challenging, too. The passive haptic learning helps to do so.

  Now the technology has been turned to the task of teaching people Braille. According to the researchers, only 10 percent of the 40 million blind persons around the world learn Braille. They say this is largely due to the language being neglected in schools, and also the difficulties posed by learning in later life, when diabetes and age can contribute to a loss of sight.
Researchers over at the Georgia Institute of Technology have managed to come up with a glove that will allow users to learn how to read and write Braille, even when they are focusing on unrelated activities. How does it work? This wearable computer will rely on miniature vibrating motors that have been sewn into the knuckles, and it was discovered that motor skills in participants were being developed without requiring them to focus on the movement of their hands.
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