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Apple iWatch Rumored For Q3 2014 Launch

The Apple iWatch has been rumored about for quite a while now. In fact we have been hearing about the rumored device for more than a year now so we guess it’s either the device is fake and does not exist, or it could be that it is nearing its official reveal.
In fact according to supply chain sources (via Taiwan’s Economic Daily News), it seems that the device could be launched as soon as Q3 2014, which coincidentally enough is also around the time that Apple could launch their next-gen iPhone, assuming that Apple keeps to schedule, of course.
The report goes on to claim that Quanta Computer will be manufacturing the watch, while companies like Richtek Technology and TPK will be supplying the chips and sapphire touch panels that will be used in the watch respectively. This recent report seems to contradict earlier claims that Quanta would be manufacturing the device in time for a Q2 release, while TPK will be supplying flexible AMOLED panels, and not sapphire touch panels.
Then again these are merely rumors so safe to say that we have no idea which is real and which isn’t, or it could be that both rumors weren’t even real to begin with. That being said if there’s one thing that the rumors all seem to suggest, it is that the iWatch will be focusing on health. In fact rumors about iOS 8 hints that there will be health-related apps, like Healthbook for instance. The latest rumor about the iWatch also hints at possible UV exposure sensors.
In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but with companies like GoogleSamsungLG, andMotorola making the smartwatch push this year, we expect Apple will want to get something into the market before it is too late.
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