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Google Expands Security Services For Android

If you happen to be in possession of an Android-powered device that is capable of accessing the Google Play Store by default, then here is some good news for you in terms of security, where it ought to be able to give you a greater peace of mind, too. It does seem as though Google’s Android mobile operating system is about to be even more resistant to malware, and the best part of it all is, you do not have much to do in the first place. In the past, whenever you were about to install an app that hailed from questionable sources, a red flag will come into play, but this time around Google has improved things by a whole lot to have Android check up on your apps after installation.
The reason behind this is simple – it is entirely plausible (and human) for anyone to download apps of questionable quality and content prior to Google’s verification feature going live in 2012. This translates to a wayward app sneaking its way through, and as Google continues in their quest to learn more concerning mobile malware, they would be able to start cleaning up the mess of yesteryears automatically. Android Security Engineer Rich Cannings did admit that majority of Android users will not receive such a notification that they have a wayward app on-board, but at least we have a greater peace of mind now, considering how devices that still have Android 2.3 running on them will be able to gain that security feature.

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