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iOS 7.1 Code Hints At Touch ID For The iPad

When Apple debuted the iPhone 5s, it came with a fingerprint sensor called Touch ID. This allowed users to use their fingerprints to unlock their phone and to make purchases on iTunes without having to enter their password. There were rumors that this feature was going to make its way onto the iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina display, but safe to say that did not happen.
However thanks to new rumors, it has been suggested that Touch ID could be debuting on this year’s iPads. Will that be happening? Well as it turns out it might, thanks to code spotted in iOS 7.1. Within iOS 7.1 there is a BiometricKit that earlier only pointed towards the iPhone, but now according to developers, it seems that there are references made to the iPad lineup as well.
Unfortunately the identifiers weren’t exactly very specific so it is unclear if this means that both the next-gen iPad Air and iPad mini will receive Touch ID, or if it will be limited to just one iPad model. In any case it will be interesting to see how Touch ID is used on an iPad. After all with the iPhone, it makes perfect sense and is great for one-handed use, but either way we’re guessing that this is a feature that iPad users might appreciate nonetheless.

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