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Google Glass Spyware Can Take Photos Without The Wearer’s Knowledge

There are establishments and people who do not appreciate Google Glass, and it is understandable why. After all unlike smartphones or cameras, it is not obvious when a photo of video is being filmed, which can lead to some people feeling like their privacy is being invaded.
Of course some argue that there is a light indicator that shows when a photo or video is being recorded, and that the feature has to be activated in order for it to work. However security researchers, Mike Lady and Kim Paterson, have created a spyware for Google Glass that will allow photos to be taken without either the wearer or the subject’s knowledge!
Their app will allow Google Glass’s camera to take a photo every 10 seconds and then have it uploaded to a remote server. Like we said all of this runs in the background so that no one knows what is going on until it’s too late. Speaking to ForbesPaterson was quoted as saying, “The scarything for us is that while it’s a policy that you can’t turn off the display when you use the camera, there’s nothing that actually prevents you from doing it.”
Thankfully this app is more of a proof of concept as opposed to being an actual piece of spyware and was designed to highlight security issues with high-tech eyewear like Google Glass. The app was uploaded onto Google Play before it was taken down after Google was notified of its presence.
However Forbes suggests that this would not have been made possible if the app had been uploaded to the MyGlass app store which is apparently more carefully curated. However if anything this highlights the importance of not simply downloading apps, a habit that can also be applied to smartphones and tablets, not just fancy high-tech eyewear.
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