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More Workplaces Starting To Use Mac Computers [Survey]

In the enterprise, there is a good chance that your work computer is a Windows-based on. Why? Simply because software required for work tends to be created for the Windows platform, not to mention more users are familiar with the Windows interface compared to something else, like Mac, Linux, and so on.
That being said, it seems that Macs these days are starting to invade the enterprise space and this is according to virtualization software maker, Parallels, which is a software we’re sure many Mac users are familiar with.
According to their latest poll, which polled more than 200 IT chiefs, found that 45% of the companies they surveyed now offer their employees the option of using a Mac at work. Apparently these IT chiefs have found that Apple’s computer operating system, OS X, is more reliable for both Mac and Windows use.
Interestingly enough, the survey which was carried out by Redshift Research, polled companies who predominantly used Windows, but were either considering letting employees use Mac computers or have already begun to make the switch. It’s not the most comprehensive survey but it is still pretty telling. What do you guys think? Are you starting to notice workplaces starting to offer more Macs than before?
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